First Generation

Willem Beaumont


1st of April

On his 22nd birthday, Willem Beaumont takes over Hotel Swelssen and gives the hotel his family name: Beaumont. He lays the foundation for a family business that, despite two world wars and various periods of economic downturn, stood the test of time and build a household name for itself.

Third floor



In 1922, Willem Beaumont expanded the hotel by adding a third floor on the existing building. The hotel then has 27 rooms, all of which have central heating, running water and separate bathrooms.


United States Army


From October 12th 1944 until September 18th 1945, Hotel Beaumont is detained by the American Armed Forces. Until March 1945, the hotel servers as a headquarters for the Ninth American Army.

Second Generation

Jean Beaumont


1st of April

On April 1st, 1947, Jean Beaumont takes over his father’s business. Under his leadership, the hotel expands considerably in the post-war years by the purchase of four neighbouring buildings. He moves the entrance on the corner of the hotel to the side street, allowing him to expand the restaurant. On April 1, 1962 - the 50th anniversary - Hotel Beaumont has 55 rooms.

Opening Hotel School



On June 5 of this year Willem Beaumont starts the first national hotel school in the formerly renowned Grand Hôtel de Lévrier et de l'Aigle Noir on the Boschstraat in Maastricht. The current Hotelschool Maastricht is growing into one of Europe's most renowned hotel schools.

Large Expansion

Acquisition of four buildings


The seventies are characterized as years of expansion and modernization. Four more large neighbouring buildings are bought and the hotel is adapted to meet the requirements of the modern age. For example, an elevator is introduced, the kitchen moves from the basement to the ground floor, the reception is renewed, a bar is created and the restaurant expands with several lounges. In 1977, Hotel Beaumont has 85 rooms.

Third Generation

Harrie Beaumont


1st of April

On April 1, 1978, Harrie Beaumont takes over from his father. From then on, the hotel is modernized at an accelerated rate. All rooms get colour TV and a telephone. Down the street, 55 parking spaces are bought and the restaurant is rebranded and conceptualised as Restaurant Alsacien Beaumont, which focuses on the refined Alsatian cuisine. In 1997, a residence is constructed and Hotel Beaumont expands to 117 rooms.

Large Refurbishment

David Chipperfield


In this year, a large-scale refurbishment - designed by renowned British architect David Chipperfield – gives the hotel its current identity. The design is modern while at the same time maintaining the building’s character and respecting its history. This is characterized by the many original ceilings combined with the minimalist design.

David Chipperfield

100 Years Beaumont

Royal Court Supplier


At its 100th anniversary, Hotel Beaumont has grown into a modern hotel with 130 rooms, a high end restaurant, various meeting and banqueting facilities and around 80 employees. On April 1 of this year, Hotel Beaumont receives the predicate Royal Court Supplier. Reserved for companies of at least 100 years old who distinguish themselves by quality, solidity and continuity.

Fourth Generation

Jean-Marc & Christophe Beaumont


1st of April

On April 1, Jean-Marc & Christophe Beaumont take over from their father. The fourth generation builds on the foundation of the former in which sincere hospitality remains the focal point in everything we do.